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Resale and Co-delivery Services

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Dear valued Customer, dear valued Channel Partner
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the most significant change to EU data protection laws in over 20 years, took effect on May 25th, 2018. As you are aware, GDPR regulates the handling of personal data of all European citizens and residents, regardless of their location, and therefore has implications for the handling of personal data globally. Therefore, we need to ensure that Data Protection Agreements (DPA) accurately reflect the reality of business between Customers, Partners, and Atos Unify - and the shared responsibilities relating to how personal data is processed.

The content of this page focuses on the following standardized Protection streams where personal data are involved:

  • Atos Unify delivering Resale or Co-delivery services to Customers together with or on-behalf of a Atos Unify accredited Partner
  • Accredited Partners using Atos Unify tools for service delivery to customers or for the Protection of commercial transactions
  • Personal Data of contact persons (of Partners or their Customers) involved in commercial and service Protection with Atos Unify

To ensure transparency and compliance for You and for Atos Unify when personal data of individuals of Your Company are involved in such processes, we have worked out a specific DPA. This DPA is an agreement between Your Company and Atos Unify that governs data protection for the processes above.

If you are or will be using our Processes and Services, please read the documentation below and accept the current version of our Data Protection Agreement (DPA).

Please feel free to contact us a in case of questions and concerns at

General Documentation

General Information of Data Protection

General Terms and Conditions for Services

Latest Data Protection Agreement (DPA)

Please revise the for your country and language valid version of our Data Protection Agreement (DPA) below. You may also consult in course of the confirmation process later directly the - depending on your selected language and the location of your organization - applicable version.

Data Protection Agreement (German) -

Data Protection Agreement (English) -

Note: This DPA is to be accepted individually by accredited sales partners!

Previous Data Protection Agreements (DPA)

Data Protection Agreement (German) -

Data Protection Agreement (English) -

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